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Ingeniería Dennis is a civil engineering firm, specializing in wastewater, drinking water, stormwater, and gas projects, providing services ranging from master planning and design to construction administration. Founded in 1991 and based in Mexicali, Baja Cailfornia, we have branch offices in Monterrey, N. L. and México City. We are a team of professionals with experience and passion for the design and management of large-scale civil engineering projects; offering you and your company efficiency, reliability, organization and prosperity.


Our company is more than an engineering consulting firm; our clients receive a wealth of experience and creativity in any civil project they ask us to do. From the early planning stages to operation and maintenance, our engineers will work until the project is complete and until we have a firm foundation to continue building our relationship.

Our mission


Our vision


Our values


Dedication. We realize that small details ensure the quality of our service. We focus our efforts towards efficiency and continuous improvement every day in everything we do.

Honesty. We are consistent in thought and action.

Reliability. We enjoy our work, putting care and discipline in what we do and decide in order to be successful.



Design and manage large-scale civil engineering projects that offer efficiency and reliability in the organization and prosperity of cities and companies.

Promote the development of integrated projects worldwide, by creating innovative and sustainable solutions, making viable and effective projects that result in a better quality of life for humanity.


Evolution. We keep updated and informed of new technologies and tools for design and project management.

Innovation. We anticipate generating new ideas, being  creative and resourceful in providing competitive advantage.

Collaboration. We contribute to teamwork with our ideas and joint efforts. Team work allows us to be flexible and achieve comprehensive development to generate results.

Commitment. We fulfill our agreements and seek the satisfaction of our customers, beyond the obligation of our duty to the reliability of our services.



“Ingenieria Dennis” presented us with an innovative and steadfast solution in response to the 2010 Earthquake that struck Mexicali, BC. We needed a company that had great knowledge and experience in planning, designing, supervising, implementing and executing the hydraulic workforce necessary to re-establish the services in the agriculturally affected areas in the city.


Ingenieria Dennis, as the lead company in the project, was a company that upheld and completed all deadlines in a timely and professional manner. Moreover, they always exceeded expectations and went above and beyond in every project that I have had the opportunity to work alongside them with.

We are grateful for their personal attention and exemplary abilities to meet deadlines. Their experience, attention detail and specialization in their industry makes them a leader in all areas."


Ismael Grijalva

Director del Organismo de Cuenca Peninsula de Baja California




"Ecogas has worked together with Ingeniería Dennis for more than16 years. Ecogas has reached Ingeniería Dennis to complete different projects, such as gas route selection, gas distribution systems, as-built drawings, permitting and negotiations. Their contribution to establish ECOGAS in the cities of Torreon, Chihuahua and Mexicali, has been invaluable, assuring Ecogas’ success, safety and efficiency. "

David Lozano 
Director Ecogas


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