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With more than 20 years of experience behind us, we offer you and your company design, engineering and permitting services. Be it a new greenfield site, a facility expansion, or "adaptive reuse" of an existing building, we offer you solutions ranging from consulting and design to construction and permitting. We know good design is good business, and we do our best to achieve both.

The know-how of our highly skilled and experienced employees allows us to manage your projects within optimal time, cost and energy efficiency, and always according to rigorous environmental and safety standards. Click the following link to download our complete CV. 



360° video tours


-  FI, F2, F3 and F4 permits for housing

   and industrial developments.

-  All permits related to easements from

   different agencies.

-  Construction license and occupancy

   permits for minor and major works.

With the Dodeca camera we capture high-resolution video from every direction simultaneously. This camera delivers 100 million pixels at 30 frames per second (2400x1200 pixels/frame) and supports a number of video formats. Watch the following videos to learn more about this high quality service Ingeniería Dennis offers you. 

- Project management

- Construction supervisor and quality control

- Street and highway designs

- Water network

- Sewer and storm drain

- Residential, industrial and tourism development

- Geographic information system

- Topographic survey with GPS

- Right of way 

- Gas pipelines

- Water studies and hydraulic designs

- Aqueducts, Canals and drains

- Aerial photography

- Plants wastewater treatment and water reuse

Design & Engineering


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